"Andrew excels in taking vague ideas and turning them into spectacular pieces. ...[when] time is of the essence, I highly appreciated how quickly he provided his contributions, and have yet to be disappointed. In fact, the music he provides spurs me on to make sure the game lives up to the soundtrack!"
- Sean Mansell (Game Developer)

"Andrew has went beyond my expectations and composed four phenomenal music tracks for my game. He listened to my game ideas and shown his own flare within his pieces. I cannot thank and recommend him enough as the music has completely changed the dynamic of the game!"
- Lucy Smith (Game Developer)

“I asked Andy to make a track that fitted our game’s vibe and urgency - and he delivered. He’s adept at listening and crafting, which is a perfect combo for me. In an industry where time is short and quality must be high, Andy is the person to go to.”

3030 Deathwar Redux

- Matt Griffiths (Bird in Sky Games)

"A movie wouldn't have the proper impact on the audience without the right music. I am grateful to Andrew who managed to perceive the concept of the movie and created music that touches and completes it. I would love to work on my next project with this wonderful and talented composer."
- Vyara Zaykova (Film Maker)

Music of Everything


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