Below you will find a short list of recent projects. These range from film scores, games, trailer music and working with bands and solo artists.

- Black Sheep (Film)
by Vyara Zaykova

- Happiness For Ducks (Film) by Twisted Pixie Production
- Trace (Film)
by Silverline Films

- Against the Wall (Film)
by Off The Wall Productions

- Operation Hitchcock (Film
by Severale Effects

- Taste of Medicine (Film)
by Christopher Binding

- The Witch Tree,
Creepy Stories for  the Dark (Film)
by S.H.A.M Films
- 3030 Deathwar Redux (Game)
by Bird in Sky
- Space Train Simulator (Game)
by Sean Mansell

- Tokyo Station (Game)
by Sean Mansell

- Cupids Bow (Game)
- Event Horizon(Album)
by Adam Ironside 
- The Game (Album)
by Rubric